The most despicable game in the world!
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Here are five rules to mix the game up.
  1. Despicable Secret. At the start of the game all players secretly write down a number from 1-4 and fold it so you cannot see the number. At the end of the game reveal your number. Any players with the same number don't score at all... so Despicable!

  2. Despicable Weapons. When a player turns over a weapon card it affects all players EXCEPT the player who turned it over... so Despicable!

  3. Despicable Buzzer. At the start of the game all players vote to make one player the 'buzzer card' Now instead of slamming the buzzer if there is a match, you slam the players head. The player who is the buzzer has to slam their own head... so Despicable!

  4. Despicable Bidding. At the start of the game each player shuffles their bidding cards and without looking gives the player to their left two of their bidding cards. You might have given away your best cards away... so Despicable!

  5. Fart Gun Swap. If you turn over a weapon card and do not have a shield, then the Fart gun fires and blows all players bidding cards out of your hand. All players give their remaining bidding cards to the player to their left... so Despicable!

What's your Despicable rule, we'd love to know!
Despicable Me
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